Our bespoke syllabus starts with an introduction to the basics of ground handling. This includes learning the correct body positioning, giving correct inputs, and gaining an overall understanding of effective wing control. Once you have systematically worked through these steps and gained confidence, it is time to transition to the paramotor itself. With meticulous detail, we will guide you through all the safety aspects and pre-flight checks of the machine, this will give you a greater understanding of what is required to keep you safe when flying by yourself.

Before signing up for the complete course, you can opt to have a taster tandem flight (weight limit restriction applies). This will give you an opportunity to experience your first paramotor flight, soaking up the adrenaline and enjoy the views, without taking the responsibility of being pilot in command. Tandem flights can also be a great training tool for your own personal development. This can be a hands on exercise during the flight, where you will be taken through simple change of direction exercises, oscillation suppression and be shown various safe decent techniques, which can be used when flying solo.

Course Choice

The course length will be determined by each pilots ability to absorb, learn and apply these newly acquired techniques. Inevitably our U.K. weather and personal availability will also need to be factored in regarding realistic course completion times.
We can now also offer an intensive Paramotor course abroad, speeding up development and compressing the course into a 7 or 10 day window.

please contact us to check availability and future course dates.

Students will be offered up to 15 flights on our School Scout Paramotor, flying a current new certified Dudek wing. We do not insist you buy your own equipment beforehand, but we do actively encourage you to consider purchasing your own gear during the course. This will give yourself, and us, ample opportunity to safely check, set-up and demonstrate a test flight, before you actually fly it yourself.

Personal Progression

By the time you are ready to fly solo, you will be proficient in weather choice, ground handling and all paramotor safety aspects. You will be able to demonstrate forward and reverse launches and you will have the knowledge and capability to take off and land safely without instructor intervention. You will be taught how to navigate a simple cross country triangular flight, whilst being mindful of the unexpected. You will be shown how to make safe landing options, if the need ever arose.

Progression training will also be offered (post course) at an extra charge. This is aimed to further educate and build pilot confidence.


Steve Page

I started flying Paramotors in 1998. I mostly flew solo, as there were not many PPG Pilots to share the skies with! My own journey started at Silverstone Circuit where I worked for 16 years. This is where the majority of my flights took place, I was lucky enough to have the whole airfield to myself. My reason for choosing PPG over PG was really a no brainer. Coming from an engineering background I have a passion for engines, and prior to having a two stroke strapped to my back I used to maintain and race two stroke karts. Through the years I have been lucky to have owned many different brands of paramotors and wings, some not so good as others! Since the sports ever growing popularity and growth, I can honestly say that the evolution I have seen in safety and reliability through the years, is clearly foremost on our leading manufacturers minds.

In 2014, I felt very humbled to be given the opportunity to represent Scout Paramotors as their sole U.K. dealer. I was instantly drawn to Miroslav’s Carbon aero designs and innovative dynamics. His approach to building the perfect machine is always ongoing. His attention to detail and positive enthusiasm, whilst never missing the opportunity to share with the community, in my opinion is highly commendable.

I am APPI registered and also have an APPI tandem pilot rating. I have been flying tandem for the past 7 years and really enjoy sharing the sport with others. I am passionate about paramotoring and enjoy training and educating new pilots to the sport. My obsession for paramotoring has taken me on many adventures and I have been lucky to fly in some amazing destinations. I have had some truly memorable experiences.

One of our many adventures

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