Scout Adventures

Do you regularly launch from the same old site? Fly the same circuits all the time? Think outside the box, think outside the boundaries of what you believe is your norm.

How about discovering the Dolomites, these are considered to be one of the most beautiful parts of the Alps. Or fly along the endless coast of Venice, visiting the unknown wilderness. Consider experiencing the different cultures of Slovenia and Croatia or explore the unbelievable sights that Iceland has to offer. What is your NXT adventure?

“This is not a full-service vacation but rather a fantastically wild adventure. You will be exhausted, frightened and amazed.”

Russel Ducker, Iceland 2019

Not for the faint hearted

These trips can be tough sometimes

  • We wake up early in the morning because we want the best flying conditions.
  • We drive most of the day because we want to fly another amazing spot in the evening.
  • We mostly camp because this allows us the flexibility to be in the prime location for the best weather conditions, maximising our opportunity to fly.
  • Showers are a luxury due to the remote locations, most the time we just skip this because we are too tired!
  • Our fingers are freezing in flight due to taking breathtaking photos of the mountains and glaciers, but we don’t care… because it’s worth it!
  • We are here to maximize our paramotor experience. 

We are closely co-operating with SCOUT Paramotors on trips and excursions. Click ‘Adventures’ to find out more.